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[DOLL] Okay, lets make it difficult by LR-Studios
[DOLL] Okay, lets make it difficult
Sabrina: Your Pokemon may have defeated five of my Pokemon, but can you defeat a Legendary.

Base belongs to :iconskyangelpixels:SkyAngelPixels

Base link:…
Name: Victini

From: (Pokemon Black/White Black 2/White 2)

Appearance: He appears to be a rabbit-like Pokemon with large, pointed ears that resembles the letter "V". In the Pacifist/Neutral route, he has large, round blue eyes, cream head, which is comparatively large compared to its small, cream body, while the tops of its ears, crest, and extremities are all orange. His bulbous arms and legs are rounded to make a sort of "cuff" before ending with small, three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. He has two pointed teeth that can be seen on its upper jaw. He also has two cream winglike tails, which allows it to fly. Though timid, it is a caring for the others; it will fight if its friends are in danger. In the Genocide route, it will go into his Primal form, where he has glowing blue visible lines and his eyes will a blazing, glowing red.

Effects: In the Pacifist/Neutral route, he will control his flame attacks that can be easy to avoid. In the Genocide route however, his flame attacks will become unstable, and my be difficult to avoid it since it will come out of nowhere.

Attacks: During the Pacifist/Neutral route,  he has only two attacks, Blue Flare and Psychic. He will use Blue Flare on certain sides on the box and you have to know where it might be coming from, but his move Psychic will catch you off guard slam you on certain on the box, you will take damage from it. In the Genocide route, he use certain powerful flame moves, trying to damage you as possible. His move Psychic will be used often during the battle.


When you first encounter
"Greeting fellow traveler."

When first battling him
"Oh boy, our first battle. This should be fun."

If you die during the first battle
"Oh no... Maybe I did it too much..."

If you kill him off on the first battle
"But, I thought we were going to be best friends... I thought something we had was special. We were going to be best friends... forever."

When countering him during the Genocide route
"Looks like you decided to show your ungrateful face around. I thought you would make a good friend, but I can't be a friend to a cold-hearted scumbag. I knew that humans can't be trusted, you are all nothing, but savages. Now, I'm about the teach you a lesson... I'm going to burn your soul until it's nothing but a pile of ashes."

When you kill him while battling during the Genocide route
"Well, you decided to be a heartless person... Very well... I will see you in hell..."

While battling him during the Genocide route
"You avoid these moves, but I will not stop until your soul is incinerated."

If you die in battle during the Genocide route
"You soul is now consumed by the flames... Now it's nothing but ash..."


Overworld: Route 22 - Summer - Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Music

Pacifist/Neutral Battle theme: Battle! Benga - Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Music

Genocide Battle theme: Battle! Giratina - Pokémon Platinum Music

I tag: :icontvideshow:&:iconmidnight-devilwitch:

Template: What if _ was in Undertale? meme template

Template by: :iconmannofthehour:MannOfTheHour
Name: Sabrina Phoenix
Meaning of Name: N/A
Nickname: Dawn (Kendra) Sabina
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Voice Actor(Japanese): Rie Tanaka
Voice Actor(English): Emily Jenness
Blood Type: A
Nationality:  Black, American
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Theme Song(s):
> Theme =  Ephixa - Trance Chords
> Battle Theme = Muzzy - Kill the Silence
> Sad Theme =  "Cold" - Jorge Méndez
> Love Theme =  First Love - Utada Hikaru
> Parody Theme =  N/A
Hometown: Dahara City
Region(s): Kalos
Birthday: October 20, 1996
Birthstone: Pink Sapphire
Birth flower: Marigold
Star Sign: Libra

Skin Tone: Dark Skin
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style(s): Short in the front, long in the back
Eye Color: Brown
Eye Shape: Roundish-Amold
Body Type: Thin and Curvy
Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59kg)
Traveling =…
Formal =…
Swimwear =…
Sleepwear =…
Makeup: black lipstick
Scent: Vanilla
Notable Features: None
Accessories: glasses

//Personality & Stuff\\
Likes: Caring for Pokemon, Intense Moments, Traveling to new places
Dislikes: Shady Pokemon Trainers, Evil Organizations, Abusers of Pokemon, Pokemon being stolen, Cheaters, Harassment, and Pokemon Hunters
Fears: Losing a Pokemon, Mental Torture, Torture on her Pokemon
Hobbies: Studying Pokemon, Creating personal Pokeballs and gadgets, Drawing Sketches, and Planning Strategies
Dreams/Ambitions:  N/A
Favorite Season/Time of Day/Holiday: Autumn/Evening/Easter
Personality: She tends to be a kind-heated person that rarely seems to show any signs of her bad side, unless you do something sick, inhumane, or perverted to get her to reach that area of annoyance. She usually tend keep her battles fair when someone battles her, if they have weak and/or moderate level Pokemon, she rarely uses any Legendaries for these battles. She sometimes don't get along with her brother, Antaine, since he will annoy her with his puns. She might give advises to help to first time trainers, and even if she loses, she knows the tried her best and nothing to worry about it.

Family: Antaine R. Haynes (Fraternal Twin Brother), Remi (Mother), Father nowhere in the picture, Aviana (Grandmother), Grandfather is deceased
Best Friend(s): Rosa, Serena, Ethan, May, and Daniel
Friend(s): Blue, Dawn, Bianca, Leaf, Brandon, Lyra, Hilda, and Hilbert
Rival(s): Coco Delaney
Enemies: Evil organization
Crush(es): N/A

//Pokemon Stuff\\
Affiliation: With Professors
Class: Trainer/Biologist
Skills as a Pokemon User: 8.5/10
List of Badges or Ribbons:

Badges: 8

Ribbons: 3


Badges: 8

Ribbons: 2


Badges: 8

Ribbons: 2



Ribbons: 3


Badges: 8

Ribbons: 2


Badges: 8

Ribbons 2

Pokemon Team:
> Kanto Team

Charizard /Female/Adamant= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 72)
Gengar/Male/Sassy= Starting (Level 19) | Finishing (Level 71)
Sandslash/Female/Naive= Starting (Level 26) | Finishing (Level 68)
Vaporeon/Female/Docile= Starting (Level 25) | Finishing (Level 68)
Aerodactyl/Female/Naughty= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 70)
Articuno/Genderless/Bold= Starting (Level 53) | Finishing (Level 72)

> Johto Team

Feraligatr/Female/Brave= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 75)
Steelix/Female/Docile= Starting (Level 13) | Finishing (Level 71)
Marowak/Female/Jolly= Starting (Level 13) | Finishing (Level 67)
Tyranitar/Male/Rash= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 71)
Skarmory/Male/Nature = Starting (Level 27) | Finishing (Level 74)
Shiny Suicune/Genderless/Docile= Starting (Level 40) | Finishing (Level 68)

> Hoenn Team

Blaziken/Male/Docile= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 68)
Umbreon/Male/Docile= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 71)
Absol/Male/Mild= Starting (Level 27) | Finishing (Level 64)
Armaldo/Female/Brave= Starting (Level 23) | Finishing (Level 69)
Shiny Rayquaza/Genderless/Docile= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 64)
Latios/Male/Naughty= Starting (Level 40) | Finishing lvl

> Sinnoh Team

Infernape/Female/Serious= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 75)
Weavile/Female/Docile= Starting (Level 41) | Finishing (Level 72)
Leafeon/Female/Rash= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 65)
Luxray/Male/Serious= Starting (Level 3) | Finishing (Level 70)
Lopunny/Female/Bashful= Starting (Level 10) | Finishing (Level 72)
Darkrai/Genderless/Hardy= Starting (Level 40) | Finishing (Level 71)

> Unvoa Team

Samurott/Female/Hardy= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 71)
Weavile/Male/Mild= Starting (Level 48) | Finishing (Level 72)
Emolga /Female/Hasty= Starting (Level 20) | Finishing (Level 70)
Crobat/Female/Lonely= Starting (Level 31) | Finishing (Level 68)
Zoroark/Female/Rash= Starting (Level 10) | Finishing (Level 67)
Zekrom/Genderless/Docile= Starting (Level 50) | Finishing (Level 73)

> Kalos Team

Greninja/Female/Rash= Starting (Level 5) | Finishing (Level 72)
Mienshao/Female/Adamant= Starting (Level 15) | Finishing (Level 71)
Pikachu/Female/Timid= Starting (Level 3) | Finishing (Level 70)
Lucario/Male/Brave= Starting (Level 14) | Finishing (Level 73)
Gogoat/Male/Hardy= Starting (Level 10) | Finishing (Level 71)
Xerneas/Genderless/Modest= Starting (Level 50) | Finishing (Level 72)

History/Bio: As a child she wasn't the brightest and her mindset was not in the right too. She will do some things that is not so bright at all, as well as her brother, Antaine. She will do some devious things that ended her and her brother getting in trouble, but they end with minor punishments. Once she hits the age of 11, she is feeling mature by this point. She was given a Riolu as gift, while her brother was given a Skorupi.

By age 15, she started her journey alongside her brother, and ever since then they have been coming up with strategies in practice battles before battling other Trainers, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four. Sabrina's dreams is still not yet determined, while her brother was thinking about becoming a Champion or a Gym Leader. Until they decided to go their separate to accomplish the goals...

What is Sabrina doing now? She is currently exploring, finding new places, moving further and further away from her home. She may feel that she missed her home a lot, but she does contact them on certain occasions.

Template: Pokemon OC Template Sheet --Blank--//Introduction\\
Meaning of Name:
Gender: (Simple Male or Female... or Trans or Alien.)
Voice Actor(Japanese):
Voice Actor(English):
Blood Type:
Nationality:  Caucasian, Asian(Chinese, Japanese, etc.) German, etc. ...
Sexual Orientation:  (Straight, Bi-sexual, Gay, Lesbian, Asexual... all that good stuff.)
Marital Status: (Single, Dating, Married, In-Relationship)
Theme Song(s):
> Theme =
> Battle Theme =
> Sad Theme =
> Love Theme =
> Parody Theme =
Birth flower:
Star Sign:
Skin Tone: (Skin color... pretty basic.)
Hair Color: (Hair color. You can also be specific and describe the hair here if you'd like.
Hair Style(s):
Eye Color:
Eye Shape:
Body Type: (are they tall? Short? Thin? Average? Maybe a bit chubby or even honestly overweight?)
Height: ?'??" (???cm)
Weight: ???lbs (??kg)
Traveling =
Formal =
Swimwear =
Sleepwear =
Notable Features:
belongs to :iconwhiteandnerdykitten2:WhiteAndNerdyKitten2
Sabrina (Lilith) Phoenix Info
Even though it looks completed, there are things I have to change...
Hello again, this is an update I have been doing these days. Well, I've been doing a lot of things, changes to my Tumblr, changes to my Twitter, and even changes on my Youtube. I have changed my usernames to "PolarisWeavile". It is a new username for me and I want to get rid of the old and into the new for this year...

Here's is something important that you might leave you mix feelings.... I am officially quitting MLP... Yes, I'm done doing MLP art... It does not mean I hate MLP, it means I don't have much to do with. I think it has something to do with the fanbase. I think I want to pull myself out of the fanbase before it gets worse when MLP Season 6 comes... And I have no interests of watching Season of MLP since 5 season is all I can handle so far...  As for the fanbase... Ugh, it's been one wild ride, the shippings, the fics, the ponyfications, the drama, you name it all. I felt like I need to leave the fanbase before it damage me.... I might leave the MLP related groups, but process it's going to be very long and I've have been doing MLP art for almost three years... So, I've decided to stop doing MLP and do something else... Again, this means I don't hate MLP, it means I don't care about it...

Journal History


LR-Studios's Profile Picture
Polaris the Weavile
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residency:Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Ethnicity: Black; African American
Relationship: Not interested (in Real life)
Interests: Trains, Planes, Cars, Weapons, Rants, Music, Gaming, Pokemon, and Researching
Camera Usage Not yet

DA Family

DA Father::iconsgtgerim:

DA Mother::iconprincess-aurora-shde:

Best Friend(s)::iconbloodredstrider::icondestinyforestwarrior::iconih7878::icondarkstar123abc::iconinsanityespeon::iconthequeenalien::iconimusic-4life:

DA Brother(s)::icondell-ad-productions::iconthearminarlert::icongeneral-sedivh::icontrainman3985:

DA Sister(s)::iconlisa-psycho::iconfi-senpai::iconinkychan::icontenthsgirl1994::icongraphite-dreamz::iconscarlet-the-pegasus:

DA Girlfriend:

DA Son::iconnavy-x:

DA Daughter::iconchickennachos:

DA Uncle::iconthat-turbo-pony:

DA Aunt::iconlunaandsola557:

DA Pet(s)::iconbrittanymiller5::iconweasleywoman::iconmyshferific::iconim-reshi::iconicecythekitty::iconnightflashpony::iconanichhik::iconpichubaumbs::iconghostfacenikol::iconerica-beatrice-n123:

DA Cousin(s)::iconligavima:

DA Robot(s):

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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Mermaid hunting by PixieCold

This picture is very great and excellent for all of to see. The effect is outstanding and the paint is perfect. Is a really find art wo...

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